Find your new favourite pair of orthotic thongs at Aussie Soles AU

Do you love the comfort and freedom of thongs but not dealing with holding them on your feet by clenching your toes or having sore, achy feet at the end of the day? At Aussie Soles AU, we design and sell orthotic thongs in Australia intended to eliminate these problems and leave you with comfy, relaxed feet, even when you wear them all day.

What Sets Aussie Soles AU Apart Regarding Orthotic Thongs in Australia

When you shop at Aussie Soles AU, you’ll discover a wide range of orthotic sandals designed to look and feel great as well as protect your foot health. You’ll love our thongs because they:

  • May help relieve foot pain and other conditions: Sandals with the right kind of support can protect your feet as well as any good-quality orthotics shoes, helping to reduce pain and even helping alleviate certain foot conditions by aligning your feet correctly and providing maximum comfort.
  • Provide proper foot support: The days of uncomfortable sandals are over. Our orthotics have built-in support to keep your feet feeling great even when you’re on them all day. These shoes are also safer than regular thongs, giving you more stability on uneven surfaces.
  • Feel fantastic: If you’ve ever worn thongs that cut into your feet or rubbed your skin uncomfortably, you’ll be amazed at how comfy our orthotic thongs are. You’ll want to reach for them every day and leave them on for hours.

Orthotic thongs from Aussie Soles AU provide some important benefits. Try your first pair now.

Tips Regarding Sole Orthotic Thongs

When it comes to choosing the right pair of orthotic thongs for you, there’s more to it than just finding a pair with a design you like. There are some specific things you may want to look for including:

  • Supportive arches: Making sure that your shoes have the correct arch support can make a big difference in your posture, your pain, and any foot conditions you may have.
  • Metatarsal pads: Metatarsal pads help support the transverse arch of your foot, preventing forefoot pain and other problems.
  • Deep heel cups: The heel cup is like a container for your heel with support on all sides. This feature can help distribute impact more easily as you walk.

These are a few of the features you should look for in an orthotic shoe, depending on your specific needs. Aussie Soles AU sells a variety of shoes to meet the needs of a range of customers like you who want footwear that makes your feet look and feel their best.

Why Orthotic Thongs in Men’s and Women’s Are Cost-Effective

Shoes designed to support and protect your feet are a great investment – in fact, they can save you money in the long run. If you have a painful foot condition or would just like to avoid developing one, orthotic footwear is a good choice. At Aussie Soles AU, we provide a wide range of stylish thongs that are anatomically correct and designed to eliminate the toe-clenching that’s so often a part of wearing regular thongs. To see for yourself what makes our sandals so incredibly comfortable, contact us today.


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