Everyone who’s gone through pregnancy will all tell you one thing – your feet are going to change, ladies!

Yes, not only do you need to rock maternity wear for your ever-changing and growing body, but you’ll also need to consider new footwear.

Did you know your feet can potentially grow up to half a size whilst carrying bub?

Many pregnant women will also experience swelling in their feet and ankles. Hormones, blood vessels and water retention can each cause this, which is why it’s so important to consider orthotic support. Pregnancy weight gain will put extra pressure on your feet and joints, and the arches of your feet can even flatten in some cases, which can in turn, affect the way in which you walk.

Aussie Soles orthotic flip flops and sandals are not only comfortable, but will also offer you support throughout your pregnancy.

Aim for flip flops that allow your feet to breath, expand and that offer arch support to reduce joint pain when walking.

So get ready to welcome your bundle of joy as comfortably as possible with Aussie Soles, when it’s never been more important to Relax Ya Feet.


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