If you’re one of millions who suffer from plantar fasciitis, wearing the correct shoes is one of the best ways to relieve pain associated with the condition. In fact, if you wear the wrong type of shoes, you can actually do more damage and exacerbate the problem.

When the tissue that connects the ball of your foot to the heel is strained or injured, plantar fasciitis can occur. Those with the condition may experience symptoms like stiffness, swelling and tenderness of the sole of the foot. The pain of plantar fasciitis can vary, although suffers will most likely experience the most pain in the morning as they get out of bed.

If you feel like all you can find when choosing shoes for your plantar fasciitis are less than attractive joggers, don’t panic! It is possible to find stylish sandals for plantar fasciitis, you just need to know what you’re looking for.

First, look for podiatrist endorsed and orthopedic sandals or flip flops. These will provide comfort and can relieve pressure and even pain to some degree. Arch support and cushioning is vital in any recovery shoe. These features will help absorb shock as your foot strikes the ground as you walk. Opt for a heel cup, light materials and supportive straps should you need.

You CAN wear pretty sandals and flip flops when you have plantar fasciitis, as long as they boast the right features to keep your feet in tip top shape and pain free.

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